Michigan is the king of terrible weather and the next few days are gonna deliver for a good chunk of mid-Michigan with freezing rain. Reports are saying that you should expect half an inch of ice on the roads for tomorrow and Wednesday night.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect from 7:00 Monday night through noon Tuesday for Gratiot, Clare and Isabella counties.

While the mild temperatures could help melt and bring relief for the Shiawassee River’s existing ice jam in Owosso, the National Weather Service said that the warmth could lead to new ice jams on other rivers through Tuesday, particularly the Grand River in West Michigan.


When there's ice you can expect a whole host of problems here in Michigan. From black ice to an accumulation of ice on powerlines these next few days could do some serious damage. Especially the black ice part, the roads here in Michigan are bad enough without the addition of ice everywhere. Now you could sit back and let mother nature do its thing or you could check out our winter tips list on how to survive these nasty storms.

Do yourself a favor and leave work early these next couple of days until the road consumes the wanna-be speedsters.

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