Teachers at Flint Northwestern High School say that temperature shifts of almost 30 degrees make it nearly impossible for students to learn.

Michelle Gushen is a teacher at Northwestern, and she described the temperature conditions to ABC12.

By the end of the day, you feel like a dishrag.  It's unhealthy for them, it's unhealthy for all the staff.

She explained that the temperature in the classrooms could be 50 one day, and 80 the next.  This leads to allergic reactions, and overall problems with the students and staff.

Southwestern Academy has been going through the same problems, as one teacher said that the temp broke 100 in the school one day.  A group of students actually walked out of SWA on Monday due to the extreme temps.

Teachers have tried to address the problem, but so far nothing has been done.  The union is trying to sit down with the Superintendent soon to figure out what the problem is.

Students plan on walking out again today, if the problems are not addressed.  With much warmer temperatures expected through our area on Thursday and Friday, the situation will get worse before it gets any better.


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