The Facebook status was posted after a woman got into her vehicle and noticed two suspicious items on her windshield.

Sex trafficking is a huge issue in the United States and is becoming a big fear for parents and young adults every day here in Michigan. Now thanks to a new Facebook post people can be on the look out for a new type of scam sex traffickers might be using to kidnap people.

According to the post this woman noticed the two items (one being a napkin with 'Hi, just a couple of friends being silly' written on it and a pornographic DVD) on her windshield and quickly drove away and called the cops.

After watching the surveillance video the woman noticed the man followed her into the parking lot and waited for the car next to her to leave. He then parked right next to her and sat in the back seat of his car.

Now although this could be another prank like what happened at a mall in Flint where someone thought it would be funny to place a sweatshirt on a young lady's car, its never a bad thing to be extra cautious when out in public.

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