Even though most schools have gone to a virtual at home learning model, that doesn't mean that there are no school buses on the road.

There are still quite a few schools that are offering some sort of face to face classes. This means that buses will be out on the roads full (or half full) of children starting their year. Despite everything we know being completely different because of the Coronavirus, one thing remains exactly the same.

Don't drive like a jerk around a school bus.

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Nothing infuriates me more than seeing some idiot fly by a school bus with its lights on. I understand that we've had a few months without buses on the roads, but that's no excuse. Most people that fly by a bus are doing it because they're "in a hurry."

I don't care where you have to be or when you have to be there, nothing is worth causing an accident involving kids or a school bus. Unfortunately people continue to drive like idiots around buses. The Michigan State Police say that roughly 10 Million drivers illegally pass a parked school bus every year.

Luckily Michigan does not play around when it comes to punishing people that violate traffic laws around school buses. Fines can get up to $500, and all come with community service time. Check out the video below from the MSP, and remember to give a bus extra room this season.


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