This is School Bus Safety Week, and the Michigan State Police are ramping up patrols for 'Operation Safe Stop.'

It feels silly telling people that they have to use extra caution around school busses, but then you see some idiot fly by a bus with it's stop lights on. I would think that stopping for a school bus is engrained in our heads at a very young age. We all had to wait for the bus, and wait till traffic stopped before we could board the bus. I guess some people forgot that lesson as they became adults.

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The dummies that have forgotten or just flat out ignore the laws around school busses are in for a rough week. The Michigan State Police are ramping up patrols around school busses this week.

National School Bus Safety Week happens once a year, but the mission is to make sure people use extra caution around busses at all times.

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning is helping to spearhead Operation Safe Stop in Michigan.

They are helping to spread the word about possible fines drivers can get. They are also spreading safety tips for driving near a school bus.

Even though there are far fewer busses on the roads right now due to some schools learning virtually, school bus safety is just as important. This is not just an issue for people with school aged kids, this is something that all of us need to pay very close attention to.


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