Video cameras built into cell phones are the single greatest invention of our time!


How else would we be able to enjoy this 5 girl fight outside of a Houston nightclub 'PBR"?

The fight video involves just about everything, including a vertically challenged bald man.  The problem is that it's so long, so check out the highlight breakdown from

:09 Girl gets dragged away with boobs flopping

:48 Take-down and mounting by girl in black dress

1:11 Girl hilariously trips over pile

1:45 Man urges girls on by screaming, “beat the f-ck out of that bitch”…classy

2:06 Biggest cheap shot of the fight…girl gets a kick in

2:39 Girl falls down the stairs in the background and nobody notices

3:30 Some guy just starts talking trash…seems to have some kind of mental breakdown and does a boxing strut (*bonus he says he’s an ex-con)

4:10 Psycho starts beating up the cameraman

Now enjoy!


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