Flint artist Curt Green has given us a glimpse at his new project dropping on Mother's Day. This is gonna be good! 

Even though Mother's Day is still a few weeks away, I'm excited to see that Flint artist Curt Green has a project ready for us to hear. In the short time that I've known Curt, I can say without a doubt he's one of the most diverse artists in the city. Not just music wise, but the whole business. Last time he was in the studio he was talking about his new interest in producing artists and helping to mold them.

That's amazing! Most artists won't take time to reach out and help others develop. It's not just his generosity either -- his music is dope. If you're not hip to Curt Green check out his music below and lie to me and say he's not dope.

Pre-order the single below and also check out his youtube and music stream!

More music from Flint's Curt Green.

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