The Flint Firefighters are bringing the heat in their new 2018 calendar.

Chief Barton and a few of the the featured Flint Firefighters stopped by the Club 93.7 studios to talk about the calendar.

The calendar is a fundraiser that helps students in Flint through the Davis-Dixon Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is named after Joe Davis, who was the first African American hired to the Flint Fire Department. Sam Dixon was the first African-American Chief of the Flint Fire Department.

The scholarships are given out each year to high school seniors who apply and submit an essay. The submission period is March 1st, 2018 through March 31st, 2018. If you would like to get more information about applying for the scholarship, you can email for all questions.

The 2018 Flint Firefighter Calendar is available now for just $10! You can get one by heading over to Flint Fire Station #1 at 310 E. Fifth St in Flint. You can also call 810-893-1167 for other ways to get your hands on the calendar.


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