It's the same amazing group, but with a new name and logo.

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The Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce debuted a new name and logo Wednesday that will go into effect on April 1. They will now be known as the Flint & Genesee Group.The new name was announced during the Chamber’s 2021 annual meeting.

Photo:Flint & Genesee Group
Photo:Flint & Genesee Group

In a press release, the Flint & Genesee Group said the organization will move forward to market its network of services through the four divisions which includes the Flint & Genesee Economic Alliance; Flint & Genesee Chamber; Flint & Genesee Education & Talent; and Explore Flint & Genesee. The group is ”dedicated collectively to advancing the region’s attractiveness as a great place to live, work, play and invest."

“Our new brand strategy will provide our stakeholders with easier entry points into the organization and connect them more readily with the services, resources and information they need,” said Flint & Genesee Chamber CEO Tim Herman in the press release. “Broadly speaking, the Flint & Genesee Group will focus squarely on improving the economic success of Genesee County and its residents.”

During the virtual meeting, the Flint & Genesee Group also revealed their accomplishments over the challenging past year. During the pandemic, the Chamber saw a a large part of their resources dedicated to small business support.

“It was a defining year marked by three interconnected issues: a global pandemic and ensuing economic downturn; a racial and cultural awakening about the pain caused by a long history of racial injustice and a highly divisive U.S. presidential election,” Herman said. “Amid these major disruptions, our team realized what we’ve built over time – in terms of our culture, leadership, agility, and trust – would play a significant role in our ability to navigate a crisis like no other in modern history.”

You can read the full release and detail of their annual report here. 


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