The Flint Public Library like most businesses has been temporarily shut down due to COVID-19 but coming up here on December 9th the lobby will be open for service.

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“This service minimizes contact between the public and library staff to keep everyone safe during this time of high risk from COVID. Patrons can place holds from home, either online or by phone. When the holds are ready, they can enter the lobby wearing a mask, grab their holds, checkout and be on their way in five minutes.” said Kay Schwartz, Library Director. “For safety reasons, the computing center in the Annex at Courtland Center will be closed during this time,” said Schwartz.


I'm a huge advocate for local libraries. For those that have limited resources, the local library is a staple in the development of youth in any neighborhood.  I remember as a kid constantly going to the "Library On Wheels" every week just to grab another copy of "Goosebumps". Little did I know that the passion for reading I developed as a kid would carry into my adulthood. Giving me a serious advantage in class and in life.

I'm happy that The Flint Public Library has found a means to reopen during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our youth still need other means (besides their cellphone) to engage in academics. This affects college students more than anything. With the lobby being reopened soon now college students can have another location to pick up books and more importantly, to print papers.


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