Hundreds of angry Flint residents brought examples of their dirty tap water to a meeting intended to assure them that the water was safe to drink.

Flint officials organized the meeting to try and let people know that despite some discoloration and odor, that the water is still safe to use.

You read that right . . . despite the discoloration AND odor.

WNEM reports that  Stephen Busch from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality says the drinking water may have discoloration but it is still safe for most people to drink.

Most people?

Busch also says that even though the city was found in violation of the drinking water standard, progress is being made to get the excessive levels of that disinfection by-product under control.

What do you think the best move is in this situation?  Some are demanding that Flint start to get their water from Detroit again, while the city maintains that it will improve all the problems.  Do you trust the water?