Flint residents are on the move today to mark the four year anniversary of the Flint Water Crisis.

Four years ago today city officials pushed the button that sent Flint River water into the pipes in Flint. The corrosive water leached lead into the drinking water system and turned into a national emergency.

Four years later, Flint residents are still dealing with tainted water even though the state claims it is safe to drink. I've written about how the state is not dealing with the trust issues that were caused at the start of the Flint Water Crisis.

Flint residents will be joined by many other activists today at one of the many protests that are planned for the four year anniversary.

Members of the Flint H2O Justice Coalition will rally at city hall in Lansing today at 10am. This rally is to protest the Governor Snyder decision to cut off bottled water distribution in the city of Flint.

Then residents will rally at Flint City Hall today at 3pm to protest everything from bottled water to unpaid water bills.

Congressmen Dan Kildee will also hold a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. today at 2pm to address the current state of the Flint Water Crisis.

It's hard to believe that four years after the fact, so many people are still dealing with tainted drinking water. I'm amazed that there is still a need for bottled water in the city, but believe me when I say that there still is a need for bottled water distribution.

What is the one thing you thought would be done by now that Flint is still being forced to deal with?

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