The WBC champion Anthony Dirrell receives honors from Mayor Dayne Walling. After winning the championship belt, Dirrell came home and has been properly acknowledge by his hometown until recently. 

Monday, September 22nd, is Anthony 'The Dog' Dirrell Day here in Flint, Michigan. Mayor Walling and the city council presented the Flint native boxer with honors to publicly acknowledge his tremendous accomplishment.

According to MLive, Mayor Walling shared positive words for Flint's second WBC champion in boxing history.

"You have an incredible commitment to this community, and your family has been a pillar in this community for a long time."

"It's really about beating the odds. That's what I think is so amazing about your story, and that's what we are trying to do in Flint every day ... beating the odds."

We're extremely proud of our own Anthony Dirrell and his entire family. Despite the challenges our city face, we have a determined spirit to fight back to prosperity. Dirrell's story of overcoming life challenges should inspire each resident to move past obstacles and obtain their dreams.