Last week we told you about how Flint's Congressman Dan Kildee was going to live a full week on food stamps.  Yesterday, LV from the #2TO6FIX spoke with the adventurous politician about his experience thus far.  You won't believe what he had to say.

Congressman Kildee is in the mid-week portion of the food stamp challenge and took sometime to keep us updated on what is going on.  I am extremely thankful for our Congressman taking time to be on my show and informing the public on what is going on.  Regardless if you vote Republican or Democrat, you have to respect Kildee for this one.

While on the phone I asked Rep. Kildee how has the challenge been so far, Kildee eagerly replied,

It's hard, you know. It's not impossible to survive on this [food stamp allocation].  No question about it but it's hard to get a good balanced diet.  No fruit or vegetables.

It has to be difficult to go from your regular diet to only eating off $31.50.  I had to ask the Congressman what he was use to eating before this week long challenge.  He responded by saying,

I would eat a different breakfast everyday. One day I may eat a bagel, one day I may have bacon and eggs, maybe cereal or oatmeal, or go out for breakfast.  Typically for lunch, I'll go out for a sandwich and for dinner, whatever struck my fancy.

When asked what has changed since he's been on the week long food stamp challenge, Dan Kildee said,

I'm much more aware of food.  It has really raised my awareness of what I eat and how difficult it would be if I had to think about every meal.

I know some are sitting back wondering why even challenge yourself to this week long hunger strike.  With many other members of Congress joining him, he told me his reason for going threw what many of us would overlook.

Well, it's one of the fights I have taken on here in Congress, to preserve the food stamp program.  This is the reason I am apart of this fight and I wanted to raise more attention so that more citizens are made aware of what the Congress is doing.

I had to ask Kildee if he was on the Ramen noodles and if so which flavor and surprising he started laughing and said,

I got the chicken Ramen noodles.  You guess it.  It was one of the firstthings I grabbed.

I think having the Congressman Dan Kildee fighting for the resident in our area who used food stamps is mad respectful. It is extremely difficult for me eat healthy with my hectic schedule but I make it work.  I pray that Congress make the right decision for the best of the citizen in the United States of America.


Do you think you could survive off $31.50 of food for a week?  Leave your response in the comment section below.

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