Flint's tallest building, Genesee Towers, is now officially gone. We've got video of the implosion for you to check out from multiple angles here.

Downtown was unusually busy for a Sunday morning. The streets were packed and parking spots -- in the parts of the area that weren't blocked by police or fire trucks -- were scarce. Crowds were gathered at every corner that had a decent view of Genesee Towers and shortly after 10a, several large booms were followed by a massive cloud of debris. After the tower quickly disappeared, its demise was met with cheers and applause. It was definitely the most expensive show the people of Flint had been treated to.

The building was finished in 1968 and has been vacant since 1997. The City of Flint was court ordered to purchase the building from its owner, a decision that would ultimately cost $6 million. Emergency Manager Michael Brown upset a lot of people when he unloaded the building from the city's inventory for just $1.

The area where the Genesee Towers stood will be turned into a public park. Along with the nearby site for the new Farmer's Market, the building's absence should actually improve the look of the area substantially.