On Sunday, December 22 at approximately 10a, Flint, Michigan will say goodbye to its tallest building. Watch the live video feed of the Genesee Towers Implosion right here.

After many years of debate about what should be done with the unique looking building, the decision was finally made to bring it down. Since there are limited viewing areas for Sunday's implosion, our friends at WNEM-TV5 were kind enough to set us up with a live stream of the event. After all, it's not every day that you get to see a giant building get demolished.

Construction of Genesee Towers began in 1966 and officially it opened in 1968. The towers have been vacant since National Bank of Detroit moved out in 1997, it was condemned in 2004 for numerous building code violations.

A judge ruled in 2010 that the City of Flint would be responsible for paying the building's owner (what would eventually become a total of) $6 Million for its purchase. That's a lot of money to fork over, especially for a city with as many financial issues as Flint. Adding even more fuel to the fire, Flint's Emergency Manager Michael Brown sold the property to the Uptown Reinvestment Company for $1 in 2012.

UPDATE: The building came down as planned. Watch below and click here to get more details.