Two days after a horrific explosion rocked a Flint neighborhood, we are learning more about those lost and those affected by the blast.

Flint CIty officials confirmed Tuesday that, two people have been killed in the home explosion that occurred on Monday night on Hogarth Avenue. A little girl, age 4, and a 55-year-old woman perished in the tragedy.  The young child had been missing after the explosion but was found in the home where officials believe the blast originated.

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The blast could be felt for miles Monday night, and actually registered as an unconfirmed 3.4 magnitude earthquake due to its intensity. According to Mid-Michigan Now, at least 30 structures have been damaged as a result. Several houses continue to have their utilities turned off as the investigation continues leaving many families displaced.

"This is a tragedy in our community. We must pray and wrap our arms around the families impacted. The City of Flint appreciates all of our community partners that have helped expedite our response,” Mayor Sheldon Neeley told Mid-Michigan NOW. “We ask for sensitivity and compassion during this time. Remember, these are families, someone's loved ones with homes destroyed.”

As a result of the overwhelming need, assistance and several fundraising efforts have been put into place. The City of Flint will be using emergency funds to help those families involved. You can call the  City of Flint at 810.410.2020 to learn more.

How You Can Help

The grandmother Athena Simerson, of the young child lost, has started a fundraiser on Facebook to help her daughter and boyfriend who lost their child as well as everything they owned. Click here to donate. Please note, there are several bogus fundraisers circulating that claim to be from the grandmother, and this is the official, and only, one.

Lisa Rochowiak was identified as the 55-year-old woman that perished in the explosion. Her daughter-in-law, Georgina Brown-Steplitus, identified her in a Facebook post and provided a link to a GoFundMe to help the family. You can donate here. 

Other agencies are offering assistance and could use donations:

  • United Way of Genesee County has set up a donation page on its website.
  • Family Promise of Genesee County (FPGC) is accepting volunteers or donated clothing, food, and household items, please call 810.234.9444 for more information.
  • Residents impacted by the explosion may also reach the Red Cross at 1-800-RED-CROSS.


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