Former Spartan, Miles Bridges threw down the best dunk of the NBA Summer League so far.

All of us on Flint know about Bridges abilities above the rim. The Flint native wowed crowds at Michigan State, and is doing the same in the NBA. His time in Charlotte has been a mixed bag of highlights, and growing pains. He said this off season that he is ready to make the step up to the player everyone expects him to be.

If this Euro-Step windmill dunk is any sign of what he is talking about, then we are all excited.

For anyone not familiar with the term "Euro-step", it comes from the European born NBA players. In the Euro league players sometimes take an awkward step to avoid contact and put up a floater. The league is considered softer than the NBA, so this isn't really thought of as a power move.

Bridges just threw down a windmill dunk off of a euro-step. . . That's insane.

The people over at Bleacher Report recognized this and rightfully made an "NBA Jam-esque" remix of the dunk.

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