This is Make Someone Smile Week, and the Bovan Floral Group put together a massive campaign to thank everyone working at Hurley Medical Center.

The Bovan Floral Group is made up of Bentley Florists, Junes Floral, and Ketzler Florists. Waneita Bovan and her team have been celebrating Make Someone Smile Week for years, but this year is extraordinary. The pandemic put the deliveries on hold last year, and Waneita wanted to make sure they made 2021 their biggest year ever.

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Every year the smile cups are delivered to a deserving group of people who could use the smile. Waneita knew that after the pandemic year we just went through, the people at Hurley Medical Center would be the perfect choice this year.


Bovan put the power of her three Genesee County flower shops together to make more than 3,000 Smile Mugs together for everyone at Hurley.  Read that again . . . 3,000!

You can probably imagine that putting together 3,000 smile mugs by hand is a fairly daunting task. After talking to Waneita about the job in front of them, I asked if we could help at all. The next day, my kids and I were learning what it took to design a smile mug, and started to turn them out.


Max jumped into action and started to give us the materials, and the instructions on how to create a smile mug. We were all a little hesitant at first because we didn't want to mess anything up. Max was quick to point out that each one should be different, and there was really no wrong way to do it.

My favorite part of the entire process was watching my kids write messages to the Hurley employees on the flower cards.


Even with the couple of hours that we helped, there were still thousands more to make.

Waneita and her team worked through the night to make sure they were all done. With the help of Rock Bottom Stone Supply, ServePro, Mike Barrett from EXP Realty, and many others, the mugs were finished and driven to Hurley.

We were able to get Waneita and Jordan from Hurley on the phone while the flowers were being delivered. You can listen to our conversation below.

This is such a massive effort from so many people, and is another great example of how our community shows up for each other.

Check out some pics of us making the Smile Mugs along with pictures from the delivery below.

Hurley Is Full of Smiles & Flowers Thanks To Bovan Floral Group

Bovan Floral Group worked hard to make sure that everyone at Hurley Medical Center would have a smile on their face for Make Someone Smile Week. Check out how the smile mugs were made and delivered below.