I would call this breaking news, but to anyone who has experience a "Hurley" moment it will as no surprise.

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Drum roll please....Newsweek Magazine has just named Hurley Medical Center as one of the top Smart Hospitals in the world! In addition, Hurley has been name NUMBER ONE Smart Hospital in Michigan!

“It is such an honor to be recognized for the work done at Hurley optimizing all of our technology to enhance safe patient care. Our designation as a HIMSS Stage 7 Hospital in 2018 validated our efforts using technology to improve care collaboration, patient safety, teamwork and efficiency,” said  Dr. Michael D. Roebuck, Hurley Chief Medical Information Officer in a statement.

What The Honor Means

So why is this such an important notoriety for not only Hurley, but the patients the Hurley team serves? It means that Hurley Medical Center for demonstrating leadership in the use of smart technologies, including AI (artificial intelligence), telemedicine, robotic surgery, digital imaging, smart buildings and electronic health records.

“As a leader in healthcare we are always aware of the need to evoke every ounce of potential from every investment we make. Investing in technology is very expensive, however, the outcome for patients when the technology is optimized allows those cared for at Hurley to be assured that safety measures are in place, that teams are collaborating about their care, and that the bedside providers have all of the information readily available to them to make the best clinical decisions," Roebuck said.

The Elusive Club

Being noticed and celebrated for your achievements on the list is no easy feat. Newsweek ranked Hurley #111 of the top 250 institutions they recognized around the world. Hurley took the top spot in the state of Michigan where there were just one of just three hospitals in the state to be ranked for its ongoing efforts to integrate technologies, maximize new data-driven opportunities and improve cutting-edge treatment for patients. Hurley was #40 for the country.

Putting patient care first is something Hurley has always prided themselves on, and is clear reason why they have made list.  Roebuck noted,

"When investing in technology, no matter where it is to be implemented, we start with the philosophy of 'how will this best enhance the care of the patient".

Congratulations Hurley Medical Center!

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