Nothing has been normal for High School Football this year, but one thing that has been consistent has been how good Davison Football has been.

The Cardinals ended last year by hoisting the State Championship trophy, with hopes of doing it again this year. Nobody could have predicted just how crazy this season would be, and if they did, nobody would believe them. In the summer it looked like we might not have a fall sports season at all, but the MHSAA worked with health officials to make it happen. After a late start and an unexpected pause, the Cardinals are one game away from going back to Ford Field.

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We were lucky enough to talk to Coach Weingartz this morning about how difficult this season has been. He quickly pointed out an obvious issue that most of us have overlooked somehow. Weingartz talked about how the team started practice in June, and here we are in January still playing. That makes for a long season for the players, coaches and parents. I think it's safe to say though that everyone in Davison will overlook all of the hurdles if they can bring home another championship.

You can listen to our conversation with Coach Weingartz below.

The MHSAA has been working on ways to get more people in the stands, but they are also making sure that the games are streamed online for the rest of the fans to watch.

Davison takes on Rockford Saturday in Rockford at 1pm, and for those of us can't be you can get streaming info from the MHSAA here.

Good luck to Davison on Saturday, we'll all be rooting for you.


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