Seniors are the most at risk during this pandemic and leaving them to figure out how to make appointments online is just a recipe for disaster. I can barely get my mother to understand Facebook, and now she has to make an appointment online to get vaccinated?

I'm already irritated.

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Luckily for us, there's a local Genesee County Agency that understands this problem and is doing its best to help assist the elderly.

The company is called The Valley Area Agency on Aging and CEO Yaushica Aubert said that all seniors can give her a call to get assistance in setting up their COVID-19 vaccination appointment. You can contact them by calling here, 1-810-600-0617. 

I love organizations that go out of their way to help those in need with figuring out how to get assistance in these difficult times. We all can use a little bit of help figuring things out. So don't wait if you know someone that needs a bit of help finding a COVID-19 appointment, direct them to the number listed in this article.


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