A survey measuring the overall well being of kids in Michigan places Genesee County near the bottom.

The Kids Count Data is a yearly look at Michigan kids by the Michigan League for Public Policy. According to WNEM they look at the how following factors directly effect kids.

  • Economic security
  • Health & Education
  • Family & Community
  • Infant mortality rates
  • College Readiness

The report found that kids of color are some of the hardest hit by Michigan's downfalls. Genesee County didn't land in the bottom five counties, but it is in the bottom third.

Club 93.7 listener area rankings are as follows. You can see the complete report here.

Genesee County - 71st

Saginaw County - 45th

Lapeer County - 13th

The study's findings shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. The Flint Water Crisis has definitely played a big role in keeping Genesee County toward the bottom. The economic issues that the crisis has brought on are only amplified when looking at kids in Flint. The study also shows that kids of color are more directly effected by the economic struggles in our area.

This is just more sad proof that more needs to be done to help the most at risk groups in our area. Cutting off bottled water is probably not the best thing to do right now to improve the overall well being for our kids.

There are a few recommendations made by the report that you can see here, but nothing that directly targets the economic inequality in our area.

Click here for a complete map of how all of the counties in Michigan stacked up.


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