Killer Mike sit's down with Joy Reid on MSNBC to discuss the current climate on Black gun ownership and briefly about the Starbucks situation.

Nothing is more touchy of a subject right now in America then gun ownership. So Killer Mike stops by MSNBC to bring the topic of Black gun ownership and what steps should be taken to help strengthen the black Community.

NowIi'm a huge supporter of carrying a legal firearm. I fell like if you have the means to do so you should train yourself on a particular firearm of your choice and apply the "Condom Rule" to it, which is it's better to have one and not need it, then need it and not have it.

For me personally growing up in a violent environment in Flint I've seen what can happen to people that get taken advantaged of. I've known people that have been killed by gun violence and home invasion's that could have been potentially been avoided if they had a weapon to defend themselves.  Let's get one thing clear though. If I could take all the guns off this planet I would, but the technology and drive to have such things will keep guns around forever.

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