If you're in a rush to pay your taxes your gonna have to wait a few weeks now due to a COVID-19 exposure at the Genesee County Treasurer office.

Heartbreaking right? Not really. The treasurer's office has a few backup plans if you're in a rush to file your taxes.

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Treasurer Deb Cherry encourages taxpayers to use any of their other payment options of mail, online, 24 hour drop box or our automated phone payment line at 877-805-2856 during this time. SourceNBC.25

Even with restrictions being loosened recently in Michigan don't forget, we're still in the middle of a pandemic. So it's always better to be safe than sorry. And COVID-19 is still a serious threat for a lot of older people.

Things are looking promising for 2021 nonetheless. With the rollout of mass COVID-19 vaccines, we should get back to normal life by the end of the year and you won't have to worry about COVID-19 related closures.


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