General Motors is making a $75 million dollar investment in the Flint Metal Center that will bring back 250 jobs, with a possible more in 2011. says:

Bringing in new equipment for more than 50 percent of the facility has employees hopeful the auto-parts maker will add a third shift to all of its production presses, which cut and shape parts for vehicles such as the Chevy Volt.
The manufacturing center, which had about 5,000 employees in its heyday, was hard-hit when General Motors declared bankruptcy.The center is operating with two-and-a-half shifts, Shop Chairman Don Reinhart said. The hourly payroll has increased by 269 people since June 2009 to 1,172 employees. With salaried people mixed in, the center employees 1,312 people in total.

This is very good news for Flint, maybe we can get this town back on its feet and return to the automotive roots that once existed.

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