General Motors is looking to cut close to 15,000 jobs but it looks like the Flint location won't suffer at all... reportedly.

GM was once the backbone for Flint, especially back in the '80s. So much so, that after they did eventually close up a few shops, Flint has never really been the same. So if we lost another location I couldn't imagine the effect it would have on our already struggling economy.

The announcement that GM is closing up more locations soon is enough to send shivers down the spine of those who are still employed by the automaker in Flint. Luckily, it sounds like their jobs are safe for the time being. GM spokeswoman Kim Carpenter claims the plant closings will have "no impact" on Flint's operations or those in the tri-city area.

It's hard to say what they consider "no impact," as it has already been speculated that Flint Assembly, which makes the in-demand Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra models, will likely take on some transfers from the closing plants in the region. Taking on transfers from closing plants would likely prevent them from making new hires, which sounds kind of like an impact to me.

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