The slow progression of getting back to normal is moving forward again for golfers in Michigan.

The Stay Home order started off with bad news for golfers in Michigan, stating that all golf courses would be closed. The restrictions eventually relaxed during the first extension of the order to allow courses to be open, but for walking only. Now as the Stay Home order has been extended again, golfers will be allowed to ride in carts, but there are a few restrictions.

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According to WXYZ, courses are allowed to use carts but they are limited to one golfer per cart. The course must also take the necessary precautions to make sure the carts are sanitized before being used again. Golf courses are still ordered to keep the dining facilities and clubhouses closed, but most public courses have already implemented that.

This is a huge deal for recreational golfers like me. I love to golf, but time and huge amount of laziness make it hard to go walk 18 holes. I tried to take my kids out golfing last week with me, and you would have thought I was making them shovel a ditch. When they found out there was no cart to drive, the thought of golfing with dad turned sour real quick!

I completely understand and mostly agree with the restrictions put in place, but I can't lie to you, I'm thrilled that this change was made! See you on the course.


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