Governor Whitmer made the announcement Thursday afternoon that she would be extending the state of emergency in Michigan through May 28th.

The announcement came after the Michigan House and Senate refused to extend it, and let the order expire. Gov Whitmer announced that the state of emergency and disaster declaration would extend till the end of May.

While Whitmer made the announcement, the capitol building was filled with angry, armed protesters. I won't get into my personal opinion again about these "people" protesting, but I will say that it was an extremely dangerous situation. Watch the report below to see what I'm talking about.

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The order doesn't change much of what we have going on right now. Bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, casino's and a few other business lanes are ordered to remain closed through May 28th. Restaurants can still offer take out and delivery services just like they can now.

The big question is if the Stay Home order was extended as well, and the answer is NO, well at least not yet.

If you want to kill an hour trying to understand the order, you can read the complete order from Lansing here. I would suggest just watching the video of her press conference below.

The infighting that has stemmed from the Coronavirus is making Michigan more susceptible to the spread of the virus. With large gatherings of protesters ignoring social distancing rules, and demanding that we return to normal, things could get worse quickly.

The part that is getting ignored might be the biggest reason we are slow to end the pandemic. Any time more energy is spent on fighting each other than spent on fixing the problem, things will move slower.

I wish I had a more positive outlook on this, but I feel like there is too much time and energy spent on trying to be right instead of trying to fix the problem. Maybe the tips on how to bring joy to your neighborhood will help.


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