A new bill was signed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, that will extend the validity of driver's licenses, personal identification cards, as well as car license plates.

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There were three bills introduced last night, Senate Bill 507, 508, as well as 509, all of which extended the time for new driver's licenses, plates, operator as well as chauffer licenses.

 “With this legislation we are able to extend the expiration of all vehicle registrations, driver licenses and state IDs to 120 days after an original expiration date between March 31 and August 1 of this year, and waive late fees or refund them retroactively to residents impacted by pandemic restrictions. All our offices are open to any residents who need in-person services, which they can access by walking up or scheduling their visits online or by phone.” Jocelyn Benson, from the Secratary of State said.

Vehicle registrations, driver's licenses as well as state IDs have up to 120 after their exploration date from March 31st to August 1st of this year. Any late fees will be waived and refunded as well to those who were affected by restrictions caused by the pandemic. All Michigan Secretary of state offices are open, as well as walk-up services.

"We are glad to be entering a new era of services at our offices that are more efficient and convenient than ever before," Benson added, not a fan of the old way of how things worked at Secratary of State Locations.

Most Meijer stores now carry Secretary of State machines, allowing yet another way to skip the line.

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