Every Michigan driver knows the pain of getting a new license plate tab before your birthday, but that might be changing.

It's the birthday present that nobody ever wants from the Michigan SOS. You have to find time to get new license tabs, and it usually runs at least $100 per vehicle. Under a new proposed bill from Matt Maddock, the tabs may be a thing of the past. Maddock is the Republican State Rep from Milford who is proposing Bill 5250.

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Unfortunately the bill won't be getting rid of the fees associated with getting your license renewed, but it will save some time getting the tabs. Maddock talked to ABC12, and explained the appeal to saving some time.

If we actually want to shorten the wait times, this one step will free up millions of hours wasted standing in the line at your Secretary of State office to get unneeded annual license tabs

My birthday is at the end of the week, and both of our family cars are in my name, so I'm down for anything that makes the process easier. It's bad enough having to shell out the money to renew, but then having to worry about getting the tabs in the mail or wait in line just add insult to injury.

Another reason this bill may gain momentum right now is due to the pandemic. Anything that can help automate the system, and cut down on face to face interactions at the SOS is a good thing.

Are you in favor of getting rid of the license tab?


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