The Saginaw County Health Department isn't taking any chances and is prepping for a mass vaccination event this Thursday at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will be a drive-thru style event aimed at residents 80 years of age and older.

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This is probably the way we should've been handing out the vaccine from the beginning. But, as we go further into this new administration more details are coming out on just how messy the vaccination rollout was. Now it seems like we've got a small understanding of what to do next.

The Health Department says members of the Michigan National Guard will check cars upon arrival to ensure people have an appointment for the event. Once on the arena floor, cars will drive to one of 24 vaccination stations manned by health department nurses and staff, CMU Medical School students and faculty, and Michigan National Guard medics and soldiers. 

This is great! I hope this helps combat the recent surge in COVID-19 related numbers, but I'm not too hopeful. People need to party, just like this recent super bowl weekend which probably gave the CDC a heart attack after watching countless people gather and celebrate football. So if we can't stop them hopefully we can vaccinate them, so we can reach herd immunity quick and get this pandemic behind us.


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