A huge girl fight that happened in the food court at the MotorCity Casino in Detroit on Monday is being dubbed the 'MotorCity Melee'.

While many of us have wanted to fight someone after seeing the $11 hamburger at MotorCity, I have a feeling that this is about something else.

Gary Felton is the man who recorded the footage, and gave his first hand account.

Gary told Fox2:

"It was about to escalate, you could almost tell, the energy was growing."

Several security guards were involved and a bunch of furniture was rearranged, but right now there are no reported arrests.

MotorCity Casino Hotel officials released a statement, which in part reads: "This is a highly unusual, very isolated incident. The individuals responsible for this situation have been permanently banned from our property."

Check out the footage from the brawl, and don't worry Gary flips his camera the right way a few seconds in.

MotorCity Melee All Girl Brawl