'I Forgot My Phone' doesn't lecture us about the way we use our phones, but I guarantee after watching it, you'll think twice about how often you use yours.

The subject of phone addiction has become a real topic, and not by people who say things like, "Oh mah gerd!  I can not like go five minutes without updating a status!"

It's become an issue that the medical profession has actually started to look at as a real problem.  Phone addiction has been linked to depression, insomnia and douchebaggery (I made the last one up).

The one thing that rings most true in the video is that the device that is supposed to make us all feel more connected, is actually ruining any chance of actually connecting with anyone.  The fact that a group of people can sit together, and not one of them actually interact with the others is depressing.

BuzzFeed put together a cool look at 30 things that we will never need again thanks to your handy little "I've got the world in my pocket" cell phones.