If you've ever called Flint home, then you know about the pizza heaven that is Sicily's Pizzeria.

Sicily's has been one of the most popular pizza places in Flint forever, and now it looks like they may be closing their doors for good. Today on Facebook, the owners sent a message that they would be temporarily closing their doors. Temporarily is the key word here, because there is no hint of when they may reopen.

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This is heartbreaking.

When I moved to Flint 20 years ago, Sicily's was one of the first places that my friends took me to. The building and business is so representative of what Flint is, and always has been.

Sure. it's not the nicest building in the world. It's not in an upscale part of town or anything like that. Those things are only what's on the outside though. When you take the time to go inside, meet the owners, and taste the pizza . . . that's when you figure out what it's all about.

Not to get too deep here, but that's the way I feel about Flint as a city. We definitely don't have the shiniest, brand new everything, but when you take the time to come in and meet the people, you realize there's something special here.

Just take a few minutes and read through the comments on their Facebook page. You'll find hundreds of people showing their love and support for a Flint staple.

I hope that this is not the end of Sicily's, and that this is truly just a temporary closure.


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