The heated igloo craze is all the rage. The fact that there really isn't many other options available has catapulted the outdoor dining fad due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Summer months are when we love sitting outside for dinner or lunch, but her in Mid-Michigan when the temperatures start to drop and the snow starts to fall, typically we move our dining experiences indoors. But, it's 2020, so this winter, restaurants are getting very creative with their dining accommodations.

Restaurants and bars in the area have found a way to provide food and drink to their customers a way to enjoy their businesses and still stay within the current state guidelines. Igloos, tents and even ice shanties are popping up everywhere. The new way of dining is giving those businesses that had to close a chance to stay afloat and diners a place to go.

These new outdoor dining "venues" offer up a place to stay warm and cozy, with a little outdoor ambiance, while enjoying a nice meal and some cocktails. Most restaurants are keeping with a reservation systems and time limits due to the high demand. You will also find many are imposing a minimum for your bill as well. That can vary depending on the day of week.

You will still need to dress warm for your dining experience even though you will be enclosed. Space heaters help, but let's face it, you're still outside. I suggest bringing a blanket from home to either cover up with or sit on depending on the type of chairs the restaurant uses.

Take a look at the restaurants in the area providing outdoor dining:

Local Outdoor Dining Experiences



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