Saturday in Indiana there was a tragedy that occurred. Many people showed up for the State Fair to see live performances from some Country Acts. At 8:49pm right before the featured act/duo "Sugarland" was going to take the stage the entire structure collapsed. 5 people were killed and at least 40 injured.

This was a very sad sight to see. Many people are upset with the fairgrounds because they believe that the fair/concert should have been canceled due to the weather. As you can see in the video the winds were gusty and the sky were dark and bad looking. Forecasters said there would be heavy rain and winds reaching 70 Mph! But the show went on and this is the result. As of today the Fairgrounds have opened back up and people are going in. Some say as a tribute to those who lost there lives and others to see the damage that still remains. Police and officials are still trying to figure out what happened and are collecting information daily.


Beware the video is disturbing and very sad!