Two inmates are suing Genesee County over unsafe water in a local Flint jail. The inmates also claim that prisoners were given bottled water for the first 9 days of the county knowing about the water crisis, but since have been forced to drink the Flint water.

Flint residents have been dealing with the Flint water crisis for over 2 years now, but those locked up in a local Flint jail are now speaking out on being forced to drink the tainted water.

According to statements the inmates were offered bottled water for a little more than a week, but after the official breakout of the Flint Water Crisis news, inmates were forced to go back to the Flint water. Water quality was tested in the Flint jail, but officials were concerned with inmates going back to the tainted water considering testing wasn't complete.


Genesee County has not responded to the lawsuit, but officials are working towards making sure the water in the Flint jail is 100% safe to drink.



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