At first it seemed as though the practice of vaping had all of the signs of a more safe use of nicotine.  It also held another positive aspect in that it wasn't as obtrusive to non-smokers and could be conducted in the presence of all.  But just like many things, we don't know everything until it exists for a while and we get the full story.  Unfortunately, we don't have the full story yet and people are dying.  Usually, we know what the cases are and tragedy can be prevented.  Granted, even with danger, people would continue to use the product regardless.  The next question is: "Is vaping marijuana safer?"

In an article on the question was posed and just like vaping nicotine, the answer is that you should stop vaping anything until they can figure out what's killing people.  The fact of the matter is some people need to vape so recommendations are coming in to try and insure some semblance of safety.  Get more details by clicking HERE.


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