This is yet another situation where something we've known is harmful but legal is being banned due to extenuating circumstances.  Granted, the circumstances are that people are dying and I certainly don't want to treat this lightly but we've been here before.  In fact, we've been here with smoking itself with cigarettes.  Some who oppose this ban argue that automobiles are also dangerous and lethal in their operation but are not banned.  That may be taking it too far but the overlying objection is in terms of freedom of choice.

Now the push back by businesses has begun in earnest. reports that the owners of a Houghton vape shop, 904 Vapor, is suing to stop Governor Whitmer's ban on flavored electronic cigarettes, contending the emergency rules are illegal and will force him to close his store.  The ban is to go into effect October 2nd.  906 Vapor says the rules are invalid and arbitrary in part because tobacco products are not banned despite also containing nicotine.  Let the games begin.

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