Is meatloaf an option for Thanksgiving dinner?

Heads up turkey lovers, your bird is going to cost you more this holiday season. As a matter of fact, turkey prices have hit a record high this year.

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So why is the cost of turkeys higher than ever in the year 2022? According to USA Today, there are two reasons for the high turkey prices,

  1. Inflation
  2. Avian Influenza (Flu)

It appears the average cost of a turkey per pound is up 15 cents from last year. It may not sound like a lot, but when you are buying a twenty-pound bird, it adds up. Last year at this time the cost of a turkey per pound was $1.15, today the cost per pound is $1.46.

Anyone who has been inside of a grocery store in the last few months, knows turkeys are not the only item that is more expensive these days. Butter, flour, and frozen vegetables have all seen a price increase (just to name a few).

Sure turkey is tradition when it comes to Thanksgiving Dinner, but I was not kidding about making meatloaf this year, or how about lasagna and garlic bread this year?

Another fun idea is a tailgate theme for Thanksgiving. You and your friends and family can watch the Detroit Lions and grill hamburgers, and hot dogs this year. If you get a keg, please invite me over - I will bring potato chips and a potato salad.

The food is not what is important on Thanksgiving, what is important is being with your family and friends - turkey or no turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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