Residents around Burton and Flint, MI have noticed (and become paranoid) what appears to be a deployment of solar tracking devices around Genesee County.

What are these devices? Is there really anything to worry about?

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Are we being tracked in Genesee County, MI?

People are talking about these devices popping up at intersections and along roadways.

Credit: Nate Reed, Canva
Credit: Nate Reed, Canva

If you look closely, just below the Saginaw Street sign there's a solar panel. At the tip of the red arrow is a camera. They're quite small.

Here's another example, not attached to a traffic utility pole.

Credit: Nate Reed, Canva
Credit: Nate Reed, Canva

While driving Bristol Road, near Dort Hwy, it was the random black pole I noticed first. You can clearly see it's a camera. Specifically, a "Flock" camera.

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What is a flock camera (ALPR)?

These cameras are fancy wireless security cams (to over-simplify). ALPR means "Automatic License Plate Reader," but that's not all they do.

One commenter, in a Burton City social media group, said the Neighborhood Watch group talked about their effectiveness at tracking criminals near intersections.

Credit: Nate Reed, Canva
Credit: Nate Reed, Canva

In residential use, they help reduce mail and package theft.

Do these cameras have facial recognition?

According to a report by the Akron Beacon Journal, we're not the only community asking that question. The answer is no.

If you consider the cameras are catching the back view of your car, there's not a way they can get your face because the person is facing the opposite direction.

Credit: Nate Reed, Canva
Credit: Nate Reed, Canva

Realize no matter what has been reported here, there are two groups of people that will freak out no matter what.

  • Group 1: Everything is nefarious, and we might live in the Matrix.
  • Group 2: People that do bad things.

If you think these things are bad, let's remember your cell phone is "worse." It knows everything about you.

Want to change it or know about these things before they happen? Get involved. Go to a city council meeting to raise your concerns or join the discussion. You do have a say.

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