Michigan currently has over 500,000 veterans living in the state, according to US Census Data. A new state-funded/operated veterans cemetery has been approved for Norther Michigan.

Where will the new Michigan Veteran's Cemetery be located?

  • According to a report by MLive, the cemetery would be located in either Crawford or Presque Isle counties. Having a cemetery for veterans in northern Michigan would mean far less travel for families in the Upper Peninsula and Upper Lower Peninsula to visit and honor their loved ones.

Where are Michigan's National Cemeteries for Veterans?

Currently, two national cemeteries in Michigan are located in the Southern Lower Peninsula:

  • Fort Custer National Cemetary between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek in Augusta, MI
  • Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, MI

Each of those is operated by the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) National Cemetery Administration. They also operate two other designated areas in the state:

  • Fort Mackinac Post Cemetery, Mackinac Island
  • Lakeside Cemetery Soldiers' Lot, Port Huron

Each of those is closed to accepting casketed or cremated remains.

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How much will it cost to operate Michigan's first state-funded veterans cemetery?

  • According to an earlier MLive report, it's not known how much it will cost to establish the property at this time, but it's expected to be approximately a $1M expense, annually. Senate Bill 971 designates the fund in Michigan Treasury and a Director to oversee payments & compliance.

This is great news for friends & family wanting to pay respect to their loved ones without so much travel.

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