It's time to issue a warning for the holiday season.  This isn't about checking Halloween candy or being aware of the latest gift card scam.  No, this is... much more important:

Stop putting inflatables in your yard for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

NOTHING says "I'm lazy" or "that'll do" quite like creating a "grand opening sale" or "under new management" vibe for your holiday yard display.  A giant inflatable pumpkin, Santa in an outhouse (no joke see the video below) and giant turkeys only look good to a 4 year-old.  ...I can hear the offended folks now "It's for the kids."  No, entertaining the kids would be creating & hanging up decorations together!  Maybe handing them a can of spray paint to coat the wood cut-out of a flying witch you made?!  Or what about carving pumpkins and leaving it at that?!

Think about it -- when the inflatables are switched off they're DEflated -- It looks like dirty laundry all over the yard.  Not to mention, when the colorful leaves have fallen and it's brown & grey for a couple months--the deflated carnage looks like a war zone.  You aren't going to leave a stove and couch on your front porch and call it decoration would you?  (I know some do, I'm calling them out, too.)

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Here's a great example of someone overdoing it and blaming it on "the kids will love it" for Halloween (mixed with Santa in an outhouse I mentioned above):

See.  It's tacky!

Now, think about the most beautiful lights you've seen at Christmas-time around Flint & Genesee County.  Did you ever look at a yard-full of inflatables and think "Mother of All That's Holy, these inflatables are better than anything I've ever seen in Frankenmuth."  No.  You haven't.  What if Crossroads Village half-assed it for the holidays with nothing but inflatables?!  Keyboard Karens would lose their minds.

Please, this year... show the kids or kids at heart, in your neighborhood, "the way" to making the holidays look like you tried.  Grab strings of lights (not the unnaturally bright "white" LEDs...use soft-white) and spread the holiday cheer!  Otherwise, inflatables flailing-about is only going to look like you're some new store having a grand opening sale.  Is that how you want your yard to look?  Is that what you want Bronner's to do from now on?!  I didn't think so.  I leave you with a warm, inviting image of tasteful holiday decorations -- Enjoy.


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