Jason Brian Dalton will face 16 charges, including six counts of murder, for the shootings that took the lives of six people in Kalamazoo on Saturday, February 20th.

Not much is known about Dalton's motives, as no one is really sure why a 45-year-old man with no history of mental illness or criminal record would go on a random shooting spree, but that is exactly what happened Saturday night in Kalamazoo County.

Dalton, during his shift as an Uber driver, reportedly opened fire at random in three separate locations in Kalamazoo County Saturday night between approximately 5:45p and 10:15p. There were two survivors of the shootings that took the lives of six victims -- Tyler Smith (17),  Richard Smith (53), Mary Lou Nye (62), Mary Jo Nye (60), Dorothy Brown (74), and Barbara Hawthorne (68).

According to WKMI, Dalton will face 16 charges, including six counts of open murder, and various other weapons and assault charges.

Dalton is married, has two pre-teen children, and his neighbors were quite shocked to learn that he was behind such unspeakable acts. One neighbor even said that Dalton "was such a nice guy," and that he had a "normal family."