Multiple new albums and projects, SXSW shows in 2017, and an amazing yeah that not many artists in Flint can top proves that Velly Beretta and Bossman Jizzle are kings in the Flint rap game.

Flint's Jizzle and Velly Beretta have been putting Flint on the map for years now, and its finally starting to pay off. When two talented artists team up to work together and show that Flint is more than just a water crisis, amazing things happen.

Both artists are setting the standard when it comes to working your ass off to prove you have what it takes to be a spokesperson for the Flint rap movement, and things are really starting to take off for both Velly and Jizzle.

Velly Beretta and Jizzle stopped by the Club studio to talk about their new projects, whats coming up for 2017, ignoring Facebook haters, and more.