Kanye West has been the subject of much conversation on social media after he was reportedly quoted as saying “I Love Donald Trump” to Hot 97 personality Ebro Darden in a private conversation.

Well, today (April 24), sightings of “Keep America Great” posters with West’s face on it and the hashtag #kanye2024 have been spotted in a number of cities. The flyers have been popping up in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

So is Yeezy running for office in 2024? After getting dragged on Twitter for liking how Candace Owens thinks, how much support he'd get for a presidential run is debatable.

Potential presidential bids aside, these posters appear to be the work of several mysterious street artists who are most likely not directly associated with the mercurial rapper-producer. You can check out the artists' statement:

Kanye West tore a hole in the fabric of reality this weekend by recognizing the wisdom of YouTuber Candace Owens in the most publicly unfiltered way possible, via Twitter. Donald Trump has proved to all Americans that clarity of vision and the ability to persuade are much stronger assets for a President than political experience.

Kanye appears to get this more than anyone else out there. Candace Owens is fighting for individual sovereignty, self-responsibility and being recognized by Kanye is a watershed moment for this country. We don’t know if Kanye wants to be President, Trump has proved that it creates a huge amount of enemies, but recognizing universal cultural truths is something that cultural icons are better at than politicians, it’s how they build success.

This is trolling on a whole new level. You can see the cities where all of the “Keep America Great" posters are popping up at above.

Meanwhile, West is still tweeting on his Twitter account. He recently posted a photo of toy replicas of himself and the late Michael Jackson. In another picture, North West appears to be playing with both of them.

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