Kroger, the largest grocery chain in the country, has announced that they are completely phasing out plastic bags at their stores.

This is a move that is in line with their 'Zero Hunger, Zero Waste' initiative that was announced last year.

Getting rid of plastic bags in almost 3,000 stores is no easy task. The project will start on the west coast, and Kroger hopes to have all plastic bags out of stores by 2025.

I'm honestly surprised that it's taken this long for a major grocery store to make this move. Plastic bags are terrible for the environment, and the damage they do to the earth is more than enough reason to ditch them. When you factor in how annoying it is to have a cheap plastic bag split on you on your way out . . . the decision to get rid of them is easy.

My first job was bagging groceries at a Glens store in Northern Michigan. Bagging was serious business, and I even had to go to "Bagging School." To this day, I am extremely particular about how my groceries are bagged, and plastic bags NEVER help things out.

Kudos to Kroger for making the move, now we just need Walmart, Meijer, and all the others to follow suit.

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