Kroger has teamed up with the Genesee County Health Department to help administer the new COVID-19 vaccine to Genesee county residents.

The more locations the better! With Ford Field being turned into a huge vaccination site recently it's easy to see other companies jumping into the fight. 

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Kroger is now helping the Genesee County Health Department get its allocation of Covid-19 vaccines administered. The Genesee County Health Department is getting 6,000-7,000 Covid-19 vaccines weekly but deputy health officer Kayleigh Blaney tells Mid-Michigan NOW GCHD can only administer 5,000-6,000 weekly.

Now, all we gotta do is convince people to sign up and get their vaccines. But trust is still a major issue in our community. The Flint water crisis has left Flint residents nervous about trusting anything that the city puts forward including vaccines. I constantly hear complaints from locals about how they don't trust the current COVID-19 vaccine just because it's being administered in Genesee County.

I completely understand. We as a people were poisoned and lied to. That time is behind us now and the only thing we can do is move forward. Don't let past experiences compromise your future.


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