Just when you think the job market is doing better something like this happens.

According to Mlive.com General Motors announced that they will be closing down the Weld tool plant located in Grand Blanc. GM spokesmen Robert Wheeler said that the plant is being shut down in an effort to save money. The plant was 90% skilled workers that on average made $100,000 yearly. Genesee County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jamie Curtis called the plant closing “a huge blow” to the county’s economic health. If you ask me it is far beyond anything these two men that still have there jobs could even imagine. Now I know I'm not from the flint area but that does not mean I don't have love for the city. And every time you hear of something like this you cant help but wonder if it is really necessary to get rid of so many good hard working people to "save money". Do you think there is a way for these company's to make it without having such a negative impact on one area?.